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About us

Harxhi furniture is one of the most successful manufacturers of various furniture.
The specialty of furniture this  production of kitchens and furniture is modern equipped with elements of the white or classic design opportunities to the kitchen.
One of the best activities of this perfect design and joinery is porodhimi of furniture for offices of different profiles.

Harxhi produces all kinds of furniture, kitchens, medicine cabinet, bedroom, various viterina, cozy tables.
 “Harxhi Produces” All kinds of business provides local inventory, inerier office.

Potential staff, equipment, quality is a guarantee of success.
Mobileria “Harxhi think about your taste.

Prove 10 years, the quality and the quality of our products are the guarantee of our jonë.Qëllimi it is to kriojmë practical environment for our customers.

The beginnings of the factory “Harxhi” in the beginning, there was slight progress, but survived all the challenges facing years.

The secret of the continuity of our work is justice for you and high quality items to produce.

But, above all as a result of our success is moderrne technology and skilled employees to staff.


Our Services

Amazing SERVICES FOR YOU Through the support of the customers we have managed to be successful and responsive at all times to the needs of our loyal customer.


BACKGROUND First in the region Harxhi Furniture was founded in 2005, throughout these years we managed to bring the most exclusive models of furniture with style and elegance.

Harxhi Furniture

Thank you for choosing joinery Harxhi Furniture! Harxhi Furniture presents new collection with furniture. Including: moving doors closet clothes, furniture chambers of the day, the overnight stays rooms, children's room, tables for TV, cocktail tables, chairs, tables for computer, etc.